Donate to 90 account: 90 04 54-0 with campaign code ”Ukraine”

We are all appalled by the war in Ukraine and how it is causing enormous human suffering in one of Europe’s countries. Thousands of civilians in Ukraine have been injured or killed, 13 million have been forced to flee and the destruction of homes, hospitals, schools and other infrastructure amounts to billions of dollars in damages. The effects of the war have been felt around the world, with disruptions to international trade, food shortages and an unprecedented crisis in energy prices and the cost of living.

Last spring, the Business for Ukraine initiative was launched to bring together Swedish companies, large and small, to support Ukraine. The initiative makes a moral statement and at the same time channels financial support. 

Today – more than one year after the outbreak of war, when we are facing a very uncertain situation – it is more important than ever that we stand with Ukraine and that the business community gets involved. Swedish companies can make a difference and Business for Ukraine is rallying again. The money will go to Human Rights Watch’s work to protect civilians in Ukraine, hold perpetrators of war crimes accountable and support democratic forces in Russia.

Within the first six months of the Ukraine war, Human Rights Watch had released 90 publications – reports, news articles, video footage and more – documenting indiscriminate attacks and torture, extrajudicial killings and abuses against prisoners of war, among other things. This reporting generated widespread media attention. Human Rights Watch’s testimony before the UN Security Council helped spark a major international mobilization to investigate war crimes. The organisation also played a crucial behind-the-scenes role in getting Russia suspended from the UN Human Rights Council. Working with other organisations, it managed to evacuate civilians from besieged Mariupol and get migrants out of a Ukrainian detention centre, days before a Russian attack.

Spread the Business for Ukraine initiative and contribute financially to the important work of Human Rights Watch. In doing so, you and other businesses will create hope for a better future for the people of Ukraine, and indeed all of Europe.

All companies can contribute – and spread the initiative!

Donate to Human Rights Watch’s 90 account: 90 04 54-0 with campaign code ”Ukraine”


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Business for Ukraine is an initiative by Forever Sustainable, Human Rights Watch and
Ny Teknik Group which is the industry’s largest channel for technology news.

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Join the Swedish pavilion at ReBuild Ukraine in Warsaw
14-15 November 2023


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Human Rights Watch is one of the world’s leading independent human rights organizations. It investigates and exposes human rights abuses and presses for changes in policy and practice that promote human rights and justice around the world. Since its founding in 1978, the organization has contributed to important advances for human rights, for example by leading the campaign for an international ban on landmines – an achievement that won Human Rights Watch and its partners the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997. To ensure its independence, Human Rights Watch does not accept government funds, directly or indirectly. The organization relies entirely on individual donations to conduct research and advocacy around the world.