We are pleased to invite you, also in 2024,  to join the Swedish Pavilion at Rebuild Ukraine, the leading industrial exhibition in Europe focused on the rebuilding of Ukraine.

A substantial industry delegation accompanied Ny Teknik and exhibited at Rebuild Ukraine when the fair took place in Warsaw in November 2023. Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Trade, Johan Forssell, was also present. We will repeat the initiative in 2024 as well.

The fair gathered 550 companies from 28 countries, making it the largest international meeting place for businesses, interest groups, and politicians committed to Ukraine’s future. Up to 3,000 people were expected to attend the fair, which took place from November 13 to 15.

The participating companies are active in infrastructure, construction, and energy, offering their services for what is expected to be the largest construction site in Europe in the coming decade.

Sweden was represented by 47 companies and organizations, including well-known industrial groups such as Alfa Laval and Sandvik, vehicle manufacturer Scania, engineering consulting giants Afry and Sweco, heat pump company Nibe, IT consulting firm Nexer, healthcare and diagnostics company Medicover, education company EF, and the Swedish subsidiary of global Siemens Energy.

Demand for exhibition spaces grew significantly during the the fall.

”We actually had to decline exhibitors towards the end. It will be crowded but hopefully very interesting,” said Fredrik Enander, project manager at Forever Sustainable and responsible for the Swedish pavilion at Rebuild Ukraine.

The Swedish pavilion is organized by Ny Teknik and the consulting company Forever Sustainable, which together have launched the initiative ”Business for Ukraine” to engage businesses in Ukraine’s reconstruction.

The decision to start a Swedish pavilion was made because no Swedish companies were present at the first Rebuild Ukraine fair last spring.

”Swedish engineering companies have a lot to contribute to the rebuilding of Ukraine. So it felt natural for us to start the pavilion and engage the Swedish industry,” says Thomas Peterssohn, CEO and editor-in-chief of Ny Teknik, who was present in Warsaw.

Ny Teknik and Forever’s initiative is supported by several public institutions participating in the trip to Poland, including Sida, Exportkreditnämnden ( The Swedish Export Credit Agency), Business Sweden, Smart City Sweden, Swedfund, as well as the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the embassies in Kiev and Warsaw.

Sida’s participation is of particular interest to the business community since the government’s new aid policy has made Ukraine a priority, with 6 billion SEK planned for reconstruction.

In total, Sweden has provided military, humanitarian, and civilian support to Ukraine worth about 2.1 billion euros (November 2023) since Russia initiated the full-scale invasion.

The week in Warsaw begun with a Swedish dinner for over 100 people before the fair officially opened on Tuesday. Foreign Trade Minister Johan Forssell spoke at the opening conference and then cut the ribbon at the Swedish pavilion.

The fair also included local Ukrainian decision-makers from 26 cities and regions in great need of reconstruction, including Mariupol, Bakhmut, and Sievierodonetsk, which have been bombed to the ground by Russia.

”We managed to book most of the municipalities for the Swedish pavilion. The idea was for them to present their needs and concrete projects, and we tried to match them with Sweden’s resources and expertise,” says Fredrik Enander at Forever.

Helping them is colleague Kateryna Koltunovych, born in Ukraine and now living in Sweden, along with two additional interpreters.

Reconstruction has already begun, but the real boom is expected when the war is over and security can be guaranteed in a different way.

The total damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure caused by Russia is estimated at over $150 billion, according to a calculation by the Kyiv School of Economics from last summer.

According to the study, about 167,000 residential buildings have been destroyed or damaged. The infrastructure is also in poor condition, with 19 airports, 126 railway stations, and countless kilometers of roads destroyed. Other severely affected assets include industries, schools, and energy facilities.

The total cost of Ukraine’s reconstruction is gradually being adjusted upwards and varies according to different estimates. The World Bank’s calculation from last spring landed at $411 billion.


Rebuild Ukraine is an international conference and exhibition in Warsaw, Poland, designed to be the most cost-effective and time-efficient platform for recovery projects, materials, technologies, equipment, and investment required to rebuild Ukraine’s war-torn economy, with an emphasis on infrastructure, industry, housing, and energy.

The first Rebuild Ukraine was organized in February 2023 and created a huge impact:

  • 304 exhibiting companies from 22 countries
  • 12 national pavilions
  • 3 000 participants at the event from 50+ countries

For more information about Rebuild Ukraine, please visit the Official Exhibition webpage.

LOCATION AND DATE                                                                                                                                           

The next exhibition will take place on November 13-14, 2024 in Expo XXI, Warsaw, Poland.


The Swedish pavilion in the exhibition has reserved space for Swedish companies.

If you wish to be contacted when registration opens, or to be contacted for attendance at the fair, send an e-mail to:

Bookings will be confirmed on a first-come, first served basis.

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